Introduction of Jövő Öko-Nemzedéke Foundation


Environmental Protection

JÖN Foundation is one Hungary’s newest environmental organizations.

We aim to promote environmental protection by 21st century means.


Our consumer society jeopardizes our future. By means of regular educational campaigns we intend to steer people to a conscious, environmental-friendly lifestyle.

Activating Society

“Wastebuster – the tiniest volunteer,” our slogan says and the thousands of reports and the popularity of our events prove us right.


Jövő Öko-Nemzedéke Foundation (abbreviated as JÖN) [Eco-Generation of the Future] was registered in May 2017 as an environmental protection foundation. It is an absolutely independent and volunteer organization.

JÖN Foundation is one Hungary’s newest and most active 21st century environmental organizations that has won several awards. It is frequently present in the Hungarian media due to its activities, events and publications. It closely cooperates with the respective Hungarian state interpreting between the people and the public bodies. Our foundation run the news website www.hulladekvadasz.hu dealing with waste news and www.szemetszedes.hu – Let’s cleanup Hungary together!, which is a community building website.

Apart from volunteering the organization is also building up a professional circle that provides up-to-date professional and factual education.

Among others, JÖN foundation runs the websites www.hulladekvadasz.hu  and www.szemetszedes.hu.

hulladekvadasz.hu   – Waste-related news website

It is a social reporting website that collects environmentally conscious people to prevent and eliminate illegal waste dumping, thus helping the current local governments.

Zeewa.io – Let’s cleanup World together!

This website promotes waste picking. After registration, anyone can organize their own waste picking event, recruit volunteers and advertise the event for free.

Our foundation has been awarded and nominated several times despite the fact that the organization is only one year old.

Winner of Hungarian Telekom DELFIN Award 2018 in Sustainable Awareness category with Hulladekvadasz.

Telekom DELFIN díj 2018 győztese, a JÖN Alapítvány

Ozone Zöld Award Civil category, 2nd prize with Hulladekvadasz.

JÖN Foundation has been in the final for the Civil Award in the category of the Most Promising New  Organization. We are very proud of it because it has been the second nomination of our foundation in a year.

Civil díj döntőse volt a JÖN Alapítvány

By nominating the Hulladekvadasz YouTube channel, Péter Szebenyi has won the “They Live Among Us” amateur film and report contest.

JÖN Experts

Kertész Balázs

Balázs Kertész

I’m Balázs Kertész, certified environmental engineer, working as an environmental protection advisor. I run Hulladekvadasz and I’m a co-founder of JÖN Foundation.

Tóth Andi

Andi Tóth

The name of Andrea Tóth has been synonymous with an environmentally conscious household and parenting. Her lifestyle is almost unique in Hungary.

Szebenyi Péter

Péter Szebenyi

Péter Szebenyi is an environmental engineer, founder of Hulladekvadasz and Jövő Öko-Nemzedéke Foundation, current Chairman of Board of JÖN.

Henrietta Szabó

I’m Henrietta Szabó, founder of one of Hungary’s most popular online creative community, Kreatív Hobbik Csoport.

Benedek Martos

I’m Benedek Martos, graduated in waste management technology and agronomy with environmental management.

JÖN volunteer – the real superhero!” The Jövő Öko-Nemzedéke Foundation announces a new activist program because environmental protection is the key to our future. Join one of the most dynamically developing team of Hungary, read the following announcement.

“We don’t just talk about problems but solve and eliminate them. This is what our Hulladekvadasz movement is about.”

We are looking for JÖN volunteers and superheroes.

If you want to be a volunteer and join the JÖN volunteer group, you can assist us in the following current and future activities.

Ways to support our environmental activities / Thank you!

Material support:
You can support our website organizing and promoting waste picking by payment via bank transfer and PayPal.

  • JÖN Alapítvány (Budapest)
  • Account no.: 16200151-18537255 – Magnet Magyar Közösségi Bank Zrt.
  • IBAN: HU59 16200151-18537255-00000000

Paypal (click Donate)

Offer useful goods and services:

  • sterile waste bags,
  • sterile rubber gloves,
  • training room for education and conferences,
  • games related to environmental protection for roadshow-like social educational programs,
  • discounted travel and accommodation for participating  in inland programs,
  • not easily perishable food and mineral water for the events.

Further ways to help:

  • volunteer works: we are desperately in need of a system administrator and some IT support. Click here for further information.
  • participate in waste picking events and excursions organized by tisztogatok.hu, supported by us,
  • report the illegal waste islands in your surroundings as the tiniest volunteer by filling in our form or using our application. Attach photos, videos and provide the exact location,
  • take care of your environment.

For further information fill in our contact form and send your questions via email by clicking here.