Közösségi szolgálat a környezetvédelem jegyében

Community service is also possible at the JÖN Foundation in one of the noblest ways, in the name of environmental protection.

With its regular educational campaigns and events, our organization dealing with environmental protection targets not only the older age group, but also the young, the eco-generation of the future.

There are also pioneers among young people who draw the attention of their age group to the importance of environmental protection.

For this reason, our main goal is to activate high school students to protect our environment, to learn an environmentally friendly lifestyle and thus to create our secure common future.

Community service in 50 green hours

We welcome all high school students who are required to complete the legally required 50 hours of community service. In such cases, our organization signs a contract with the relevant school, after which the student can participate in our events with parental consent (or parental participation).

citymatine garbage collector varosmajor
In Városmajor, Budapest, we cleaned the site with 120 young people.

Within the framework of our JÖN community service program, there are the following options:

  • participation in a garbage collection campaign;
  • participation in a tree planting campaign;
  • social media tasks;
  • performance of event organizer tasks;
  • blogger, article writing tasks;
  • be the Tiktoker of JÖN;
  • performance of administrative tasks;
  • web and graphic works;
  • community organizing tasks;
  • be a Scavenger Hunt too !

We also welcome applications from schools!

We welcome not only students, but also schools to apply to our program, so that as many people as possible can use our service created to popularize the importance of environmental protection offered by our organization.

Spend 50 hours of community service with us.
Spend 50 hours of community service with us.

Sign up for the program!

More detailed information is available by filling out the form in the Contact menu.

We hope that as many students as possible will take advantage of the opportunities of our community service program offered by our organization.

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